Learn more in the Cussler obituary by the Post & Courier’s Brian Hicks. The thrilling new adventure from the number-one New York Times-bestselling author.. Clive Cussler's tales of the Oregon and its crew—"the clever, indefatigable Juan Cabrillo and his merry band of tough, tech-savvy fighting men and women" (Publishers Weekly)—have made fans of hundreds of thousands of readers.But the Oregon's seventh adventure is its most remarkable one yet. I always love a good Clive Cussler book Pirate did not disappoint. A Fargo Adventure. “My opinion, which is not based on any scientific background whatsoever, is that they believe this map in the book bears a strong resemblance to Oak Island.” She glanced at Sam. Coming September 2 Read as a PDF. Clive Cussler has a way of creating great action stories, full of suspense and lots of firepower and explosions. “Anyway, while we were working on the cipher code last night—and not having much luck—Bree took the illustration of the map from the Pyrates book that was thought to be that of Oak Island and started comparing it, shape-wise, to islands in the Atlantic. “When he returned to Charleston, which was often, Clive Cussler always stopped in to see the Hunley. Even though the Oak Island guide had made mention of an underwater passage between there and Frog Island, neither Sam nor Remi believed anyone from the seventeenth or eighteenth century had the skills to build something of that nature. About Clive Cussler: Clive Cussler was a well known adventure novelist who is many times referred to as the “ Grand Master of adventure.” He was born on July 15, 1931 in Aurora, Illinois but spent most of his growing up days in Alhambra, California. So, I decided to take a break from vampires and werewolves and all things paranormal. PROLOGUE. Welcome to the Oak Island Treasure forum! The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of the world's longest running treasure hunt which continues to this day. Flashes of lightning seared the turbid night sky, illuminating the drawn faces of the men heaving on the long wooden oars of the Viking longship as it fought against the ravages of the unforgiving sea. I was not disappointed. When she found the illustration of the map hidden behind the endpaper, she held up the screen for Bree to see, then showed her the actual map of Oak Island. Clive Cussler » Pirate; Home. “The Titanic” is Book #11 installment in NY Times Bestselling Author Clive Cussler’s Isaac Bell Adventures – Adventure Novel Series When Isaac Bell attempts to decipher the forbidding deaths of nine men, he encounters a secret so powerful it could dictate the fate of the world in this riveting thriller by the #1 New York Times -bestselling author. Using the EG&G sonar and Schonstedt gradiometer, nothing resembling a shipwreck was discovered and no targets of any consequence worth investigating. I picked up The Silent Sea because I have enjoyed all of Clive Cussler's books. In May of ’89, Craig Dirgo and Clive Cussler ran search lines beginning two miles below Prophet Island and ending one mile north of the bottom tip. Welcome to the Oak Island Treasure forum! The Fargo's are on vacation in San Francisco and Remi wants to buy her husband a gift, an old book on Pirates. Selma cleared her throat. The Oak Island Money Pit is the site of the world's longest running treasure hunt which continues to this day. Somewhere in the Labrador Sea, A.D. 1085. Sounds easy enough, she has learned of a book that is for sale by a friend who's relative is the owner of a rare book store. Just ask my wife on Sunday nights, as she goes to bed early and leaves me this week’s episode of The Curse of Oak Island, and she’ll confirm I’m still a sucker for those tales of lost treasures and unexplained mysteries! The famous adventure novelist and shipwreck hunter had a soft spot for the world’s first combat submarine — without a doubt, his greatest discovery.” Read more. Then again, the attention to Frog Island intrigued Sam for a different reason. by Clive Cussler and Russell Blake. So, with Cussler’s passing weighing heavily on … The Eye of Heaven.