Chosen for their breadth of experience and their versatility, the Coffee Club musicians delighted public … Magus Magi (Gift Of The Magi) by Alexis Pena Goco. They were the first to . It is the story of the journey to the Christ child and back again. This article provides a summary of The Gift of Magi by O Henry. The Gift of the Magi Summary. The Coffee Club Orchestra sprang into existence in the fall of 1989 when Garrison Keillor asked musical director Rob Fisher to put together a group for his radio show. Teach and learn The Gift of the Magi with ideas from this resource guide, including discussion questions, etymology of 'Magi,' character analysis, summarize the plot, O. Henry's use of irony and literary devices, genres, themes, and paired reading suggestions for this poignant story. Type your narrative poem on "The Gift of the Magi" below. O. Henry's short story "The Gift of the Magi" tells the story of a young couple who make sacrifices in order to buy each other Christmas gifts. Eliot published this (and other poems) around the holidays as a … Jim and Della, the two main … Our goal is to help you help your students better understand AND ENJOY classic literature! In this poem by American poet Jimmy Santiago Baca, the speaker offers the only thing they have: this poem and their love. But furthermore, it’s the story of what that journey does deep inside the poem’s narrator, one of the magi. Each sold the most valuable thing he owned in order to buy a gift for .use of famous quoutation[s] within poetry Here I sit booked and waiting. Pair “The Gift of the Magi” with “I Am Offering This Poem” and ask students to discuss the relationships between money, sacrifice, and love. Page The story tells of a young husband and wife and how they deal with the challenge of buying secret Christmas gifts for each other with very little money. give Christmas gifts. Eliot’s The Journey of the Magi is different. T.S. And here I have told you the story of two children who were not wise. Being wise, their gifts were doubtless wise ones. One of the most popular O Henry short stories is “The gift of magi” which is an unconventional celebration of love. Short stories of O Henry are widely read and appreciated for their sudden twist in the endings. The magi, as you know, were wise men—wonderfully wise men— who brought gifts to the newborn Christ-child. "The Gift of the Magi" is a short story by O. Henry first published in 1905. Remember your poem must contain: setting, characters, plot, rhythm, and figurative language